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Posh Pawnbrokers

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  • Release date:
    4 May 2015 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    "Posh Pawnbrokers" follows a number of high-end, characterful pawn-brokers from across the UK. In the series, we'll meet London Road Pawnbrokers in Sheffield, owned by 31-year-old singleton Dan, who is supported by a bevy of ladies – including sister Cherise, opinionated part-time assistant Selwa and hilariously wry Northern manageress Ellie. Over at Pickwicks in South East London, we meet long-term colleagues Nathan and Debs who affectionately bicker like an old married couple. Family-run Nikolas Patrick in Kent sees brothers Charlie and Patrick constantly competing to find the best deal – and they're willing to try anything! And in Cornwall, we'll meet moustachioed Larry and his dapper chum Neil at Cashbrokers. Sometimes weird and often wonderful, every item that comes through their doors has a story. But it's not only the items that have interesting backgrounds; the owners are full of charisma too! The series will unearth everything from high-value family heirlooms, stunning jewellery and flash cars, to curious collectables, unique antiques and bizarre memorabilia from all over the world. Some of these pieces are worth life changing sums of money. [+]more
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