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Inside the Gangsters' Code

Inside the Gangsters' Code poster
  • Release date:
    27 February 2013 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    Ex-Mafia member Lou Ferrante comes to Discovery in a brand new series: Inside the Gangsters' Code. Lou's Mafia connections enabled him to pull off some of the most lucrative heists in history. A top earner for the Mob, making millions running his own crew of hijackers, before the law caught up with him; betrayals by close friends brought Ferrante a slew of federal indictments and he spent the next decade as an inmate in some of America's most notorious penitentiarie. Now, using his insider knowledge Lou infiltrates some of the most dangerous prisons and gangs in the world. Along the way Lou gains access to prisons which have never been filmed in before, such as an isolated high security prison for Mafia bosses in Italy. Lou will also explore each gang, living and breathing its culture and ultimately tracking down and speaking to the men who reign over these dangerous and powerful organisations, including the leader of El Salvador's infamous 18th Street gang. Lou will see the other side of gang life too when he joins the police forces from around the world, who are dedicated to defeating gangs. Along the way he discovers a prison in the Philippines which is run by its own 20,000 prisoners and a Camorra gang, whose infighting is leading to complete anarchy on the streets of Italy. [+]more
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