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Friday the 13th

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  • Release date:
    28 September 1987 (USA)
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
    This series revolved initially around the adventures of two cousins, Ryan Dallion and Micki Foster, who inherited an antique shop, "Curious Goods," from their Uncle Vendredi. We find out in the first episode that Vendredi made a pact with the Devil, to sell cursed antiques. He recanted at the last minute and tried to recover the antiques, but was claimed by Hell. The cousins, aided by Vendredi's partner Jack Marshak, used the store's manifest to track down the cursed antiques, each of which fell into the hands of someone who inevitably used them for evil. In the third season, Ryan was turned into a child and Johnny Ventura, a street punk who had helped them occasionally, took his place. [+]more
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