• Strezov Sampling RHODOPE Ethnic Bulgarian Choir KONTAKT

    Strezov Sampling RHODOPE Ethnic Bulgarian Choir KONTAKT

    A unique product that brought to life our “Syllabuilder” engine – a powerful word building software that allows you to write your own words which will be “sung” by a virtual ethnic Bulgarian choir.

    Ethnic Bulgarian singing is something really special for us, because it’s something we are proud of as a nation. This special type of “throat” singing is truly unique and gives a new and interesting timbre that is not typical for the choir ensembles. This is why we decided that this requires a special approach – we wanted to get away from pre-recorded phrases and loops and to give the user the possibility and freedom to do what they like with this choir.

    This is what brought SYLLABUILDER to life – an engine that our programmer Alexander Koev worked for more than a year on. The result is a sample library that is quite new and has the following features:

    • 10 singers
    • Range of E3-D5 (C4 = middle C)
    • The powerful SYLLABUILDER engine (full word building engine) allows you to write words that will be ‘sung’ by the virtual choir
    • The Syllabuilder gives you the ideal balance between the detailed control over the words and the fast workflow
    • Ability to Save and Load presets; cross-compatible with future versions.
    • Ability to manually edit each of the consonants or vowel sounds in Syllabuilder text
    • Polyphonic legato
    • The ability to overlap different vowels/consonants in a single midi track – one voice holding on “Ah” (for instance), while the other voices still progressing throughout the lyrics.
    • Easy to use either live or in your DAW
    • Intuitive HELP incorporated in the Kontakt patch
    • Various other scripts that will help you in your workflow
    • Last but not least – the unique timbre of the Ethnic Bulgarian singers
    • The product is Native Instruments Kontakt 5+ FULL version compatible.

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