• Embertone Jug Drums COMPLETE

    Embertone Jug Drums COMPLETE

    Jug Drums COMPLETE is a percussion library from Embertone

    • 5 drums – 6,098 Samples.
    • 4 playing styles.
    • 3 Controllable Mic Positions.
    • Killer Arp patterns.
    • Super killer MULTIS.

    The COMPLETE version of Jug Drums is a set of 5 instruments: Soprano, Tenor, Alto, Bass and Contrabass. We recorded these suckers with three mic positions: 2 far mics, 2 mid mics, and our favorite… 1 SUPER CLOSE mic practically inside the drum. You can adjust all three independently- to get exactly the sound you want.

    Our custom arpeggiator, beautifully scripted by Andreas Lemke (the scripting genius behind almost everything we do), is so much fun to play with. It can help you inject energy into your music in seconds. A full preset system gives you the ability to create and save your own arp settings, and 50 factory presets to inspire you. Our custom-programmed randomization, humanization system will keep your patterns from sounding like computerized mechadrums.

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